Computer Science, Database Systems (MS)

What is A Computer Science, Database Systems (MS) Degree?

Computer Science is the study of computers—mostly the design and application of software.  The field has to keep up with what’s happening and needed in the world—cool stuff like artificial intelligence, the security of important and private information, computers that can understand human speech, computer programs that can make robots more like real people, and ways to make really different games.

When you study database systems, you learn the skills to warehouse, mine, model, manage, and protect data, among lots of other things.  You’ll be expected to have a BS in one of the Computer Sciences before getting into this MS degree program, and you’ll take courses in each of the data functions just mentioned.  Most programs end with a major capstone project in which you demonstrate how to manage the creation of a solution to a complex data problem.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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