Clinical Laboratory Science (AS)

What is A Clinical Laboratory Science (AS) Degree?

The field of Clinical Laboratory Science involves the testing of various specimens to assist doctors and other care providers in making decisions about a patient’s care.  Lab technicians and scientists (sometimes called Medical Technologists) constantly try to improve procedures to make sure that results are accurate.  Technicians usually hold an AS degree in Clinical Laboratory Science and usually work under a Clinical Laboratory Scientist to assist with the testing.

AS programs, in addition to general education, will include courses in how to conduct laboratory tests of blood, other body fluids, cells, and tissues.  Students learn how to prepare the samples for testing and how to operate the delicate instruments in the lab to determine things like the basis for an infection, blood counts and reactions to drugs, and whether or not a treatment is working.  They study the fundamentals of the field and then focus on the hands-on aspect of the field, which will usually include real laboratory experiences during the second year of study.

What Can I Do With A Clinical Laboratory Science (AS) Degree?