Cardiovascular Technology (AS)

What is A Cardiovascular Technology (AS) Degree?

Cardiovascular technologists help doctors diagnose and treat heart and blood vessel problems.  They check patient records and monitor the patient’s heart rates. They also have to operate and maintain all the testing machines that are used to treat cardiac patients as well as explain to patients how the tests are performed and report the results.

To get an AS degree in Cardiovascular Technology, you will need to gain the basic knowledge of cardiovascular science and learn how to operate all the testing and monitoring equipment that is used.  You will probably specialize in one or more particular areas like invasive cardiology, vascular technology, stress testing, echocardiography, or electrocardiograms for which specialized courses will need to be taken.

Some of your required practicum experiences may require you to work at all hours of the day or night to assist the doctors, especially in emergencies. You’ll need to have an AS degree from a school with the proper accreditation for your area, and you may also need to have other certifications depending on what specializations you prepare for.  More and more health care practices are starting to require a BS degree to work in the field, so your AS degree also may be a stepping-stone to more training.

What Can I Do With A Cardiovascular Technology (AS) Degree?