American Sign Language (BA-ASL)

What is An American Sign Language (BA-ASL) Degree?

With a BA-ASL degree you will be prepared to work in most any school setting—kindergarten through college, in special ed at a public school, or at a school that specializes in educating deaf students—helping deaf students to navigate their studies. You may also work with deaf-blind students using tactile methods of sign language.

Other professionals like psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, or even police officers, who may not have degrees in ASL but know sign language, can enhance their effectiveness in their fields. You can also earn an AA degree in ASL at some schools, but to be able to sit for any required Interpreter Certification exam available in your area, you will likely need the Bachelor’s degree.  Some specific areas also have certification requirements; your local agency can help you find out what the requirements are for you.

What Can I Do With An American Sign Language (BA-ASL) Degree?