Clinical Laboratory Science

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  • Clinical Laboratory Science (BS)

Advice from Students in Clinical Laboratory Science Programs

  • Clinical Laboratory Science (BS) –¬†Namita

Careers related to Clinical Laboratory Science

Volunteer Opportunities

Stand Out in the Job Search: Volunteer!

  • American Cancer Society – helping people with cancer – Jessica Volunteer – Beverly
  • Hospice – helping patients in hospice care – Patty
  • Ronald McDonald House – helping families buy pills experiencing medical crises – Stephanie Volunteer – Justin
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters – helping children facing adversity – Paula
  • The Salvation Army – helping to provide hope to those in need – Stacey
  • The Humane Society – helping animals in need – Monie
  • Food Bank – helping people who need food – Karla
  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) – getting ready for disasters – JoAnne
  • Habitat for Humanity – helping low income families – Rebecca
  • Crisis Hotline Volunteer Advice – Megan