About Dr. Kit

About me

I’m originally from the Chicago area, and you’ll see my connection to that city by watching some of the videos I have already created.   I moved south to go to graduate school years ago, but try to get back to Chicago as often as I can.   I am very pro-education!  I have been teaching college level undergraduate psychology courses for almost 20 years.   My educational background:

Antioch Community High School – Diploma – Go Sequoits!

Southern Illinois University – Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

University of West Florida – Master’s degree in Psychology, Doctorate in Curriculum/Instruction (Social Sciences)

Traveling the world with my wife, Sue, is probably my favorite thing to do.  Since we’ll only take a finite number of trips in our lifetime, we try to take as many as possible!   I also enjoy dining out (pizza!), skiing, and playing with our “son” (a Pekingese named Gizmo).

About the website

Over the years, I have found that class discussions in Psychology often end up falling into 3 categories, all related to being successful:  Success in School, Success at Work, and Success in Parenting.  So, it seemed logical to develop a website full of resources related to these topics.  It’s easy to find material related to these concepts in written form online, but it’s not easy to find this material presented in video-a format that I believe today’s students will find more useful and interesting. Please watch my one minute long HELP ME video to see how you can help build the site.

About the future

Right now, my primary focus is to continue developing good content for the website.  More careers will be added to the Career Video page until most of the more popular careers are there.  I’d also like to eventually have as many different disciplines as possible represented in the College Program video area.  Please help me add more videos to both of these areas.  If interested, let me know.  This site is obviously going to be a work in progress for some time to come.  I will add “recent news” articles to all 3 areas regularly and spend a lot more time developing the parenting area at some point in the future.

I’ll continue speaking to students about these topics, and at some point I may write a book related to success.  Right now, however, this website is my biggest priority.  I’m always open to new ideas, so please let me know how I can improve this site!

Watch my one minute long Welcome Video.